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CNM 023: The Codependent Leader – with Dr. Marie-Line Germain

Listen via Stitcher A few episodes back, we brought Dr. Germain from Western Carolina University on the show to talk about codependency in the workplace. I was so interested in the topic that we decided to bring her back on […]

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CNM 019: Workplace Codependency – with Dr. Marie-Line Germain

Listen via Stitcher In this episode, I interview a Leadership and Human Resources expert all about what codependency looks like in the workplace, the effect it has on our work and relationships with peers and bosses, and how to be […]

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CNM 005: Chelsea’s Story of Turning Sensitivity Into Strength

Listen via Stitcher This is an exciting session because it kicks off the first episode with one of our readers who wanted to share her personal story. This is part of a new program we’ve launched called our Share To […]

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