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CNM 056: Handling Marriage Communication Breakdowns – with Drs. John Van Epp & Morgan Cutlip

Hello and welcome to Episode 56! This will be the last interview in a 3-part series with Drs. John Van Epp and Morgan Cutlip. They are counseling psychologists and relationship experts, and I’ve been talking with them about having healthy […]

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CNM 055: Ready For Marriage? Here’s How To Know – with Drs. John Van Epp & Morgan Cutlip

In today’s episode, we’re continuing our mini-series with Dr. John Van Epp and Dr. Morgan Cutlip. We’ll be talking about how to help ensure you’re with a suitable partner if you’re already in a serious relationship and you’re thinking about […]

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CNM 054: Guidelines For Choosing The Right Romantic Partner – with Drs. John Van Epp & Morgan Cutlip

Welcome to the show! In this episode, I’m interviewing someone who’s work changed the trajectory of my life. By the time I was thirty years old, I had been through several serious, long-term relationships, had my heart broken more than […]

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