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CNM 018: Hitting a “New Bottom” in Recovery – with Dr. Robb

Listen via Stitcher Continuing on with our mini-series, Dr. Dean Robb of Next Stage Recovery and I discuss helping people who have fought to beat their original substance or behavioral addiction, but who later face a new set of challenges, a […]

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CNM 017: Next Stage Recovery Overview with Dr. Dean Robb

Listen via Stitcher Dr. Robb has been in recovery for over 30 years, having done an extensive amount of inner work to over come child trauma and the addiction it led to. He also went back to school to do […]

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CNM 013: Dealing With Addicted Family Members

Listen via Stitcher In this episode, Harry Josephson, author of Escorted Away, discusses ten years of a “living hell” with a heroin-addicted son. Harry provided the following along with our recorded discussion: “My son, Ronald, experimented and abused a variety […]

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CNM 012: Parallels of Addiction and Codependency – with Christine Askew

Listen via Stitcher In this episode, I interview Christine Askew who founded as a result of realizing that many folks around the world needed access to confidential, high quality addiction treatment. We learn from Christine that addiction is an […]

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Drugs, Death, Coping and a New Outlook for Kristen

Thank you to Kristen for sharing her personal story. We hope you find it inspiring… A Father Missing In Action My first memory of chaos was when I was about a year old. My mother and father were screaming at […]

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