CNM 004: Inner Child Healing with Dr. Nicholas Jenner Psy.D MA


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This session includes a discussion with distinguished guest, Dr. Nicholas Jenner, a counseling psychologist who offers online therapy on a global basis. Dr. Jenner has an impressive resume, but more importantly a sincere passion for helping people get free from the restraints of negative thinking, including codependency. I found it very easy to talk to him.

It was insightful learning not just about how the Inner Child can get stuck, but that we can actually use our Inner Parent to go back and address things that were never addressed the way we needed them to be. Furthermore, the concept of the Inner Critic resonated strongly with me as I’ve battled my Inner Critic in a big way throughout my adult life. I’ve also taken note of the intergenerational nature of codependency, meaning that codependents often had a parent that was codependent. Perhaps the family of origin is something we’ll want to explore further in the future.

In this session, we discuss:

  • The “Inner Child” concept and how it applies to codependents
  • Whether it’s possible to be codependent even if you weren’t abused, neglected, or abandoned as a child
  • An Inner Child Therapy technique used by Dr. Jenner
  • How the Inner Critic prevents us from facing challenges, and how to release your critic
  • The notion that people who are codependent usually had a parent that is codependent
  • What to do if you recognize that your habits are betraying you
  • Why codependents are characteristically good candidates for therapy
  • How to gain awareness of your own codependency issues
  • Dr. Jenner’s advice for a codependent

Items mentioned in this podcast include:

We LOVE your comments. Feel free to comment below the episode. Questions? Comments? Anything you wish we would have discussed more about?


~William Heart

  1. this was great thanks

  2. This was very insightful. The Doctor gave excellent information and William asked the questions I would have asked if I was sitting there doing the interview.
    As someone who is just coming into the awareness that they are codependent, this was excellent. Thank you both.

  3. Keep up the great work William and Dr. Jenner. You have saved my life.

  4. It was a pleasure talking with William. He made the interview very easy for me. The result was that together we produced something that given some people some insight. That is special. I have been through my own codependency issues and I can tell can do it too!! Good luck!

  5. Thank you Nina, that’s quite a nice compliment! And thanks again to Dr. Jenner for his expertise 🙂

  6. After listening to this podcast, I went ahead and booked an initial session with Dr Jenner and then continued to work with him for a few months.

    He helped me enormously and I am very grateful to him and this podcast for educating me about codependency, where it originates from, how to identify it and most importantly, how to resolve it.

    I thoroughly recommend Dr Jenner to anyone who has concerns that they may be codependent.

    Happy to provide more info if required.

  7. Great broadcast. I highly recommend ACA (Adult children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families). It is free and really helps escalate the healing from codependency. You cannot heal in isolation, and ACA fills the void that is in a recovery codependent’s life even with going to a therapist.