CNM 002: Interview on Kicking Codependency with Professional Counselor, Jennifer Beall, LCPC, LCADC

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In this session of the Codependency No More Podcast, we’re delighted to have our first outside guest – someone who works full-time as a licensed counselor helping people everyday with codependency and addictions. It’s important for us to connect with the community to learn what other insights can be offered about breaking the cycle of negative relational patterns.

As we interviewed Jennifer, we each had personal epiphanies and light bulbs going off in our heads, particularly for me when I came to the realization that “people-pleasing” for codependents is actually a form of control in order to make themselves feel safe, not control in the sense of deliberately manipulating other so you can feel in charge. But it is a subtle mechanism they use to empower themselves, i.e. “If I make my wife happy then she will be nice to me so I’ll be happy.” Paradoxically it’s actually empowering to make everyone around you feel what they’re feeling because if you do, then theoretically you can control the environment to provide safety for yourself. One of the many signs of codependency. Great insight!

In this session, you find out:

Session 2

Session 2

  • What are the most common characteristics of codependency.
  • Whether or not codependents always have similar upbringings.
  • Some ways codependent characteristics can form.
  • What the terms Adult Children of Alcoholics and Adult Child Syndrome mean.
  • The unhealthy ways we tend to cope with codependency or less than optimal upbringings.
  • What “normalizing” our experiences means, and why it’s good for you.
  • Some of the most common hurdles we tend to hit as we begin our recovery.
  • Firsthand commentary on what it’s like moving down the road to recovery.
  • A book, e-course, and on-line counseling option for dealing with codependency issues.

Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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    • Thanks Debbie, we’re just getting started with the podcast and we have some cool plans for it.

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