Codependency Quiz

Codependency Quiz

How To Take The Quiz

Are you trying to figure out if you’re codependent? The codependency quiz above was designed to guide you through a Question & Answer process to determine not just whether or not you’re codependent, but to what degree.

The key to this quiz is to BE COMPLETELY HONEST with yourself as you answer. There may or may not be aspects of yourself that you’d rather not admit.

The fact that you’re here means you’ve considered the possibility that you’re having relational boundary issues. This a great place to start, and if you determine you want a little help, we have some great places to go from here.

The first question will indicate what type of relationship you’re struggling with. The remaining questions will delve into that type of relationship in more detail.

The Human Interdependence Spectrum

Once you complete the quiz, you’ll be given a result, a full breakdown of each question, as well as a brief video explanation of where you fall on the Human Interdependence Spectrum.

The spectrum goes from Beneficial Interdependence -> Non-Problematic Interdependence -> Problematic Interdependence -> Co-Dependence.

Human I Spectrum New

Results and Next Steps

When you receive your result you’ll also be given an explanation of what it means, and we’ll provide you with some resources and potential next steps you may want to take.

We have a variety of resources to help, for people in all areas of life. If you just want to read up on it a little, listen to me have conversations with codependency experts, check out some of my video lessons, or even go through a full recovery framework I developed in conjunction with codependency experts and recovering codependents, we have all these things available to you after the quiz.

(Please keep in mind that your results are unofficial and should NOT be considered a professional diagnosis.)

So feel free to scroll back up and start the quiz!


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Codependency No More

  1. I have lived with my son’s addiction from the time he was 2 years old and addicted to working puzzles. I still live with it and he’s 35 years old and has been in jail more times than I can count. He is addicted to drugs and when he comes out we welcome him home to disrupt our lives again. We will not do it again! I order Codependent No More for the third time. I would loan my book out to friends thinking it was over but I ordered it on my Kindle so I will forever have it to go back to in the future. Time on earth is limited and I think everyone should read these books. They’ve become second to my Bible and it has given my life back or which I am entirely grateful.

    • I love that…comes second to your Bible. So thankful for Gods word and useful tools on co-dependancy. I’ve been to Celebrate Recovery for 6mo. & made a 1 year commitment to a 12 step recovery group. It’s quite a journey and we are worth it! Thanks for sharing…I’ll have to buy the book as well!

      • That’s great to hear Linda 🙂

        Support groups can be a life-saver to some who have codependency issues. Al-Anon helped our family tremendously through some rocky times.

    • Oh Diane, that’s such a hard situation to be in. I have a drug addicted family member as well, it’s an awful disease. You may want to check out my interview with Harry Josephson, who discusses what it was like dealing with a drug-addicted child.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  2. My husband and I have been told we are codependents. We need help with dealing with our 34 yr daughter.

  3. I just tried to take the quiz, and it said that the mailing list was no longer active and I wasn’t able to see the results. Just letting you know the quiz isn’t currently working!

  4. Excellent resource! I teach a graduate level course and used this with my student’s. Heather Pincelli

  5. Codependent no more

  6. Help me

  7. I have been told by my counselor that I am co dependent when it comes to putting myself before my family

  8. Im codependent

  9. I read your post but I still had some questions. I was really wondering, What
    is the difference between drug dependency and drug addiction? Or are they basically the same thing?

    If there is any insight you could provide, I would
    greatly appreciate it.

    • Hey there, my understanding is that dependence refers mainly to the physical need to be on the drug (withdrawal and tolerance), while addiction also encompasses the mental need to use. In other words, you can decide to get off the drug, but you’ll need to physically detox before you’re no longer “dependent” on it.

      Hope that helps,

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