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Here's How I Broke Free From a Codependent Relationship, and Found Peace and Confidence To Move Forward with My Life.

They wrote this stuff about me. The best part was knowing that no matter how many people told me I was a lost cause or couldn't be helped, I found refuge in my recovery. It was the tunnel that led me to the light.

Jennifer S. Walker

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The Book & What People Are Saying About It:

  • Debbie Prancer

    Codependency 101 Reader

    "You nailed it. I have re-read sections and entire chapters numerous times - it's taking me a while to really 'get it', but I'm getting it!"

  • Samantha Rewick

    Codependency 101 Reader

    "I needed to read the parts about addiction and codependency. I didn't want to believe that I had some kind of problem, but this helped me see the parallels I needed to see. I'm much more motivated to move forward."

  • Are you sick of being in a relationship with someone who seems to "use" you all the time and doesn't appreciate your thoughtful effort?

    So many people out there feel stuck in a relationship in which they're constantly catering to someone who doesn't reciprocate, and as a result they grow bitter and resentful, and eventually find themselves trapped with seemingly nowhere to turn.

    If this is you, you're not alone...

    Consider This: Dissatisfaction in a relationship that is characterized by people-pleasing, boundary distortions, or the need to be a care-taker, is usually a direct result of "codependency" issues, and codependency seems to be on the rise in today's culture.

    Since the 1960's the term "codependency" has increasingly become part of our everyday language. What started as a term to describe the family members of alcoholics is now used to describe a broad group of behavioral tendancies.

    And codependency is permeating society...

    Look at Top 40 song lyrics, dating culture, and even childrens' movies - they often promote the concept of "giving our all to someone we love, no matter what".

    Well, unfortunately this can backfire in a big way, especially when you "give your all" to a narcissist, abusive person, or someone with "Controlling - Nonresponsive" boundary problems.

    If this is you, please know that it's not your fault. It's likely a combination of your upbringing, cultural influences, and beliefs about the way personal boundaries should work.

    So how do you get back on the right path to healthier, more fulfilling relationships?

    That's exactly what this page is about...

    Codependency 101: Basics of Addiction, Grief and Recovery

    After five dreadful years in a relationship with an addicted, abusive man, my sister Jennifer finally accepted that her external focus needed to be pointed inward. She realized that it wasn't her boyfriend that needed fixing, it was HER.

    She was in deep, and after multiple attempts at leaving the relationship, she bravely underwent a barrage of "recovery activies", including in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation, women's shelters, cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapy, 12-step support groups like Al-Anon and CoDa, and more.

    Within several months she found her life turning around. She adopted new beliefs about herself and her role in relationships. She saw why and how her thinking was warped in the first place. And ultimately she found a wonderful husband and now has two beautiful children.

    Once she was on good footing, she got to work documenting her path so others could learn from it.

    Jennifer took all her knowledge and personal experience with codependency, and put it together in a way that will help you quickly understand the term "codependency" and get you started toward a more hopeful future with better relationships.

    Here's a sampling of what's covered:

      - The book meanings and broader meanings of "codependency" and how it works its way into our lives.

      - 29 symptoms of the codependent personality.

      - The Dysfunctional Family and how it contributes.

      - The Adult Child Syndrome & Inner Child.

      - The relationship between codependency and addiction - causes, tolerance, give & take.

      - The Addiction Cycle and how it relates to codependency.

      - The Grief Process - why and how we grieve loss.

      - The 5 Stages of the Grief Cycle and how we work through them.

      - The codependency recovery process.

      - The Twelve Step Model.

      - Non-Twelve Step Methods.

      - Handling Triggers & Distress Tolerance.

      - Assertiveness and saying "no".

      - What to expect as recovery progresses.

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3 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. Codependency doesn't start with your failure to serve other people. It starts with YOU. This can be a shocking realization to someone the first time they consider it. But this doesn't mean YOU are damaged, it just means that something happened outside of your awareness that propogated your codependent tendancies. We explore some of those causes in the book.
  2. Strange as it may seem, codependency strongly parallels substance addiction, except codependency is, of course, behavioral. Therefore, to understand the nature of codependency and how to break the cycle, we explore addiction as it relates to codependency.
  3. Distancing yourself from codependency for the long-term can be a process. It looks more like a squiggly line than a straight arrow. We give you some practical activities to move through recovery, and what to expect along the way. 

About The Author

Jennifer was brought up in a seemingly healthy family, but at the age of 19 her life took a major turn in direction. After spending five years enduring mental, emotional, and physical abuse at the hands of a narcissist, Jennifer bravely did the hard work of accepting responsibility for her life and doing the heavy lifting of change.

Years after she got back on solid ground, Jennifer decided to share what she learned; both her personal experience as well as the facts about codependency and recovery. The result was Codependency 101: 'Basics of Addiction, Grief and Recovery.

"I'm privileged that my own difficult personal experience is becoming a shining light for others. My goal for this book was to not only connect with readers on a personal level and inspire them, but also to give them something actionable based on facts, that they can use towards their own recovery."

~Jennifer S. Walker

Join hundreds who have started on a path to better relationships.

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