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Obsessive Love: Understanding Feelings Behind Codependent Relationships

Obsessive love is an unhealthy emotional connection with your partner and is part of being in a codependent relationship. If you have concerns about your relationship and view it as being unhealthy, the first thing you should do is identify […]

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Codependency: Healthy Behavior or Love Addiction?

Codependency is often referred to as the addiction of love.  The negative effects of codependency are far-reaching and typically occur within a mismatched emotional relationship. Codependency is essentially, a coping mechanism used to lessen emotional pain.  It is a compulsive […]

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Codependency Recovery and Treatment

Codependency recovery and treatment is based very much on an individual level as the circumstances for the condition will vary from person to person. If you suffer from codependency issues then be aware that breaking the cycle of codependency is […]

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