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How to Leave an Abusive Relationship: A Guide to Getting Out in One Piece

How to Leave an Abusive Relationship: A Guide to Getting Out in One Piece Leaving an abusive relationship was one of the best decisions my sister, Jennifer, ever made. Ever. In this post, I'll share the most important things you [...]Read more

Your Top Ten Codependency Questions – A Detailed Look

Last month we polled many of you by email with one open-ended question: “What are your top two questions that we absolutely NEED to answer about codependency?” Immediately the responses started rolling in, and we began collating the data to […]

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Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Codependency

In talking with our readers, we consistently hear a need for ways and techniques toward recovery. Being that codependents tend to engage in “mind-reading” and “future-telling”, combined with a lack of ability to deal with troubling emotions, Dialectical Behavior Therapy […]

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End The Pain – Train Your Brain To Overcome Codependency

If you’re codependent, have you ever wondered why you have such a difficult time doing what you want to do? You acquiesce to someone else because you can’t bare to say “no”. You take an action or allow something to […]

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How To Improve Self-Esteem for The Codependent

What is self esteem? Simply put, self esteem is an evaluation of an individual’s worth or how a person judges him/herself.  In 1969, Nathaniel Branden, a California based, Canadian psychotherapist said it this way, “Self esteem is the experience of […]

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How To Find Your Dysfunction Through a Personal Inventory

Codependency Worksheets Many people who visit this page are wanting to: Set Boundaries & Be More Assertive  (So you can stand your ground when people try to take advantage of you, and voice your needs confidently.)  Learn Self Love & [...]Read more

Relationship Problems – Is It Really This Simple?

If we could offer one solution to help just about anyone who’s having relationship problems, a high degree of confidence leads us to say one thing. For centuries, wise men such as Socrates, Jesus, and Buddha have reiterated a concept which at […]

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Hacking Codependency With Meditation

If you’ve already taken our mini-course, you may remember an email entitled “Becoming and Staying Aware”. The point of this entire email was that “mindfulness” is a crucial skill to overcoming codependent habits. As our course states: “Mindfulness essentially teaches us how […]

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Codependency Symptoms: Spotting Insecurities In Relationships

Are you worried that your relationship may have symptoms of codependency? Do you find yourself questioning your own behavior and that of your partner’s?  Do you wonder whether your feelings are a result of real love or addiction?  Do you […]

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Coping With Codependent Family Members: It Can Be Like Living With an Alcoholic

It can be very difficult to remain emotionally resilient and strong if you have to cope with a codependent family member on a day to day basis, it can put an enormous strain on your whole family.  Codependents often become […]

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