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I’m William Heart, Co-Founder of Codependency No More. If you’re struggling with boundaries in a relationship, having problems saying “no” to someone, or looking to get mental and emotional clarity, this page is for you. It contains what you need to start taking steps to transform for the better!

Codependency: Our Definition

While “codependency” according to it’s classical definition is alive and well, it’s meaning is evolving. It’s origin came from Alcoholics Anonymous; some family members of alcoholics were considered “co-alcoholics” because they were involved in helping the alcoholic procure drinks even when it went against their better judgment. They were essentially addicted to the alcoholic. Nowadays, the broader definition of codependency has become:

A dysfunctional relationship in which a person is more concerned about the needs of others than his or her own needs. It is often characterized by excessive care-taking or enabling, and an unhealthy need for recognition or approval.

In other words, codependents tend to give too much. They go above and beyond to make sure others are happy, typically to their own detriment.

The Codependency No More Philosophy

We make deep connections and share useful advice.

That is, one on hand we connect with people struggling with codependency in order to understand their needs and desires – the questions they have, and types of resources that will be most useful and practical for them. On the other hand, we connect with experts on codependency and related topics to learn how to get better, then share it with our audience.

As we curate the best information we can find, we use the most practical advice to create practical resources that help codependents get better. 

Our Resources And Current Initiatives

Codependency 101: Bascis of Addiction, Grief and Recovery


This 70-page ebook incorporates research with personal experience. We discuss the general concept of codependency, and follow the path of breaking free and recovering.

Full Length Codependency eCourse (Under Construction)

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We’re currently working on a course with multiple modules which will lay out a framework for codependency recovery in accordance with advice from thought leaders, counselors, psychologists, and actual codependents. The course will have video lessons with exercises and homework that participants can do completely self-paced.

We NEED Your Feedback!


We’re a conduit between codependents and the resources they need to recover, so we base all of our work on exactly what our audience needs. We run polls, webinars, and a chat box to connect, and we’re even available by phone to find out what our readers want more help with.

Free 8-Part Conquering Codependency Video Mini-Course

Free Codependency Course

This completely free mini-course is delivered in 8 emails (one per day). Each email contains a video to a different topics related to codependency like control and compliance, defining personal space, breaking bad habits, mindfulness, stages of recovery, and more.

Codependency No More Podcast

Podcast Graphic

We’ve begun recording key conversations so you can listen over our shoulder. We have discussions with experts like professional counselors, psychologists, mindfulness experts. We also have our readers join us to share their own personal stories.

Our Blog

Blog Graphic

You’ll find a link to just about everything we do here on our blog. We write about our initiatives, research, and conversations with codependency experts, share stories from our readers, update you about what we’re working on, and provide a place for you to comment and share with others.

We Appreciate You!

I just wanted to finish by saying that we’re here for you, not only as a conduit for codependency resources, but also as friends.

We respond to all emails. We want to make the world a better place by helping people relate to one another in healthier ways, with kindness, love, and deep awareness.

Thank you so much for your support. And if you’ve made it this far, I’d love for you to come say “hi” and visit us on our Facebook Page.


~William Heart & Jennifer Walker

  1. Really glad to find this page, book,blog, podcast exists! I am in a couple very messy emotional entanglements and I need to learn how to take care of myself and my daughter first. So Thank you, in advance, for this life raft in stormy waters.

  2. Tessa, we’re honored to be able to help.

  3. My wife is the one who recommended this site. The more I read the more I realize that I am codependent. Where do I begin my road to recovery before it ruins my marriage?

    • Feel free to visit our Contact Us page and leave your contact info. There are a few routes we might suggest once we hear more about your situation.

  4. Do you have any research on codependents trying to cope with bipolar spouses?

    • Hi Joanne,

      Marsha Linehan is well-known for her work in developing Dialectical Behavior Therapy, which has been shown to be very effective in treating BPD, Bipolar, and even codependency issues. – this may be a good place to start!

  5. I quite literally realized THIS morning that I am a Codependent. I’ve been researching many of the disorders trying to figure out why I’m so broken and accidentally stumbled across the description of a codependent… If anyone had even hinted that I might have underlying issues of being a codependent before now I would have laughed in their face… Any sites you can point me to that might be beneficial other than this one will be appreciated.

    • I will go above and beyond to make sure others are happy, typically to my own DETRIMENT. (I have actually used this sentence to describe myself). I cried reading through much of this.

  6. I so need this support group

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