Codependency 101: Basics of Addiction, Grief, and Recovery

Codependency-101---Large-Cover“Codependency is the hardest addiction for maintaining sobriety. The type of sobriety [we are referring to] is behavioral, not chemical. So what is the drug that codependents ‘fix’? It is the drug of drama; the drug of being involved in other peoples’ problems.”

~Patricia Bradley-Bates, M.ED., LPC, LISAC

*Note: This is our first e-book, a basic but thorough look into the condition of “codependency”. Many of you have privileged us with the details of your own personal struggles, and asked for more information. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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What’s In the Book?

Great question, here’s the Table of Contents…

Chapter 1 – What Is Codependency?

Chapter 2 – The Relationship Between Codependency and Addiction

Chapter 3 – Understanding the Grief Process

Chapter 4 – The Codependency Recovery Process

Let’s take a look inside…

Codependency 101 - Chapter 1 Excerpt

First, we wanted to lay the foundation by establishing a basic book definition of codependency, how the term originated, and the more liberal meanings is has taken on today. Then we move into the concept of addiction and how it relates to codependency in general…

Codependency 101 - Addiction Cycle Excerpt

Throughout the book, the facts are interlaced with our family’s own personal commentary centered in red lettering. Our goal was to help make the “theory” a little more personal and familiar to you the reader…

Codependency 101 - Commentary Excerpt

After addiction, the next major topic we take on is grief since it’s virtually inevitable that a codependent person will grieve the loss of one or more close relationships on the road to recovery…

Codependency 101 - Chapter 3 Excerpt

And last but not least, we close with some words on codependency recovery. In addition to highlighting the 12 Steps and giving advice on what to do about triggers, we give commentary of our own personal recovery, and some tips such as journaling, CoDa Meetings, and staying the course…

Codependency 101 - Chapter 4 Excerpt

Codependency-101---Large-CoverThe end result is a 16,000-word, 70-page e-book with the goal of giving you a solid foundation on the codependency condition.

$1 of every purchase goes to organizations which support folks recovering from codependency.

If you purchase the book and don’t feel it meets your expectations, leave us a note on our contact us page, and we’ll refund your money 100%.

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