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CNM 015: Shannon Discusses Her Recovery from Codependency

CNM Podcast Episode 15 Graphic

Listen via Stitcher In this episode, I interview Shannon, recovering codependent who blogs about her experience at Shannon discusses recognizing her codependency more than a decade after it started, her keen ability to lean into discomfort, and why she […]

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CNM 013: Dealing With Addicted Family Members

CNM Podcast Episode 13 Graphic

Listen via Stitcher In this episode, Harry Josephson, author of Escorted Away, discusses ten years of a “living hell” with a heroin-addicted son. Harry provided the following along with our recorded discussion: “My son, Ronald, experimented and abused a variety […]

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CNM 010: Breaking Intergenerational Codependency – Portia Tells Her Story

CNM Podcast Episode 10 Graphic

Listen via Stitcher Portia has worked hard over the last several years to overcome her issues with codependency, and felt the call to share her story in hopes that it would help and inspire others who are in a similar […]

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CNM 007: Maribel Steps Out Of Her Comfort Zone To Heal

CNM Podcast 7 Graphic

Listen via Stitcher Maribel is passionate about sharing her personal story with the world, and we reached her at just the right time to come on the podcast and share as part of our Share To Repair program. She shares […]

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CNM 006: Firsthand Recovery Insights for Codependents – with Debbie

CNM Episode 6 Graphic

Listen via Stitcher Here’s an insightful discussion with long-time codependent, Debbie, contributing to our Share To Repair program, a place where you can find a collection of stories from real codependents to learn about their struggles and what they’ve done to recover. […]

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CNM 005: Chelsea’s Story of Turning Sensitivity Into Strength

Chelsea's Story Graphic

Listen via Stitcher This is an exciting session because it kicks off the first episode with one of our readers who wanted to share her personal story. This is part of a new program we’ve launched called our Share To […]

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Lynn’s Story of Manipulation and Reclaiming Herself

Lynns Story Graphic

Thank you to Lynn for sharing her personal story with us. Here it is… A Rocky Foundation I came from a highly dysfunctional family and even endured sexual abuse at a young age. It was a rough childhood, and my […]

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Drugs, Death, Coping and a New Outlook for Kristen

Kristen Story Graphic

Thank you to Kristen for sharing her personal story. We hope you find it inspiring… A Father Missing In Action My first memory of chaos was when I was about a year old. My mother and father were screaming at […]

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Story of Healing From Childhood Neglect

Boat on Beach

Thanks to an anonymous audience member for allowing us to share his personal story and the wisdom he’s gaining… “Trying to be better than you were yesterday is more mature than trying to be better than another person is today.” […]

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