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CNM 039: Overcoming People Pleasing, with Brian R. King

Hello and welcome! My guest today is Brian R. King. He’s a professional coach who does 100% virtual coaching on a variety of issues. I ask Brian why we people-please and how to deal with the urge. And half-way through […]

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CNM 038: Life Transitions & Introspection – with Cheryl Richardson

Hello and welcome! On this episode, I interview the amazing Cheryl Richardson. Among other things, Cheryl is a New York Times Bestselling Author. She’s written books, often dealing with self-care (which is a big topic for many of our listeners). […]

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CNM 037: EMDR Therapy for Processing Trauma with Dr. Sara Gilman

Listen via Stitcher Did you ever wish there was some way you could organize your emotions better? For example, if you had something happen in your life that haunts you from time to time, wouldn’t it be great if there […]

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CNM 036: “Non-Traditional” Approaches to Healing – with Debbie Sherrick

Listen via Stitcher In this episode, I interview holistic, codependency life coach Debbie Sherrick about some “non-traditional” approaches to healing. As you’ll see, Debbie likes to approach codependency not just as an addiction or psychological problem, but as a ‘mind-body-spirit’ […]

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CNM 035: Sex Addiction & Love Addiction – with Shena Tubbs, LPC

Listen via Stitcher In this episode we’re talking about sex addiction and love addiction, how they can go hand-in-hand, how they are different, and what it takes to heal from these types of addictions. My guest’s name is Shena Tubbs and […]

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CNM 034: Navigating Marriage With An Addict – with Janine

Listen via Stitcher In this episode, I interview Janine, who is a licensed counselor and has personal experience navigating a marriage that involved addiction, a child, a house, and a business partnership, and her decision to ultimately separate from that marriage. […]

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CNM 033: How To Communicate with an Addict – with Carol Reeves

Listen via Stitcher If you’re in a situation where a child, spouse, significant other, or someone else in your life is using or addicted to substances, and you’ve been struggling with how to confront them and where to draw the […]

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CNM 032: Schema Therapy and Codependency – with Christine Askew BA, MA, MSc

Listen via Stitcher In today’s episode, I’m bringing back Christine Askew whom I interviewed in Episode 12. Today, she’s elaborating on schema therapy, and how it helps quickly identify your patterns and then begin rewiring the brain. Christine is an […]

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CNM 031: Raising Self-Esteem & Self-Care – with Savannah Grey

Listen via Stitcher Click Here to Complete Our Podcast Sponsorship Survey! Lately I’ve been making a push to delve more into the topics of self-love, self-esteem, and self-care. And just a few weeks ago, one of our listeners suggested I [...]Read more

CNM 030: Relationship & Marriage Obsession – with Sherry Gaba, LCSW

Listen via Stitcher In this episode, I interview psychotherapist, life coach, author, magazine editor, and media correspondent, Sherry Gaba, LCSW. Sherry has appeared on Vh1’s Celebrity Rehab, Sober House, Celebrity Rehab’s Sex Addiction, CNN Headline News, Inside Edition, and a […]

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